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Dr Marilyn Owen

Specialist Dentist for Children

I am a Specialist Paediatric Dentist who cares for children at Tassie Kids Dental, located in both Hobart and Launceston. Currently, I am the only Children’s Dental Specialist in the state.

In 2002, I obtained my Bachelor of Dental Science degree with honours, from The University of Western Australia. Prior to commencing specialty training I had the opportunity to work in general dental practice for close to a decade. My diverse experiences have included the school dental service, rural government practice and metropolitan private practice in both W.A. and Victoria. Training as a Paediatric Dentist was completed between 2012 – 2015 at The University of Melbourne, involving extensive experience at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

Dental decay and enamel defects (chalky teeth) are of particular interest to me; these research areas were the subject of my postgraduate thesis. I have published articles on this topic in the Australian Dental Association, and I am the Chalky Teeth Campaign Representative for Tasmania.

Professionally I am a member of the Australian Dental Association, International Association for Dental Research, Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry, and Australasian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry. I have lectured to doctors, dentists and oral health therapists in Tasmania and Victoria. At The University of Melbourne, I taught dental students Paediatric Dentistry.

Through my professional appointments I have built working relationships with medical and dental specialists. For children with complex needs, I can liaise with those health professionals to deliver the highest quality of care.